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Why Do You Need Website Hosting?

Why Do You Need Website Hosting?

If you are planning to go online as a brand, organization, or as an individual formally, you need to create a website. Your website is the official face of your brand or organization on the internet. To launch your website, you need to take the services of a web hosting company. Web hosting simply is buying or renting space for your website content on a web server.

Every website on the internet takes up physical space on a web server which is kept far from our eyes. Contents of your website (code, images, and videos) are uploaded to a web server operated by web hosting companies, and here you go, your website is live on the internet.

Why Do Websites Need Web Hosting?

The website can be designed on a personal computer, i.e., the UI designing, coding, adding content, and everything can be done on a PC. But the problem is how the other people on the internet would view your content. Here comes the role of web servers. Basically, these servers are also computers that are the gateways to the internet. The contents of the website would be uploaded on one of these servers, and then it would be accessible to everyone on the internet.


Web hosting servers are the place where your website lives and stores data while being available on a larger web. These servers are operated by web hosting companies like BlueHost that manage your website on the server. They offer you various types of web hosting with numerous plans.

 The most popular types of web hosting include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and e-Commerce hosting. For small-sized businesses, shared hosting is the most feasible option, and it is recommended if you are a newbie and own a small business, then go for shared hosting.

Free or Paid Hosting: Which one is better for you?

You might have heard about free web hosting. There are various platforms on the internet that offer free web hosting but is it really free? The reality is there is no such thing as a free lunch. First of all, the quality of free web hosting is substandard. As a business owner, you would want your website to work properly 24/7, but you can’t rely on a free host to provide you with that efficiency.

Furthermore, these platforms run ads on your website to cover the cost. That ads make your website look spammy and can ruin the whole image of your brand or organization.

So, what should you do? Always go for a registered web hosting service provider. They are reliable, offer better bandwidth, and great customer care. You can choose different hosting plans with different price ranges. The basic shared hosting plan can cost you 5$ to 10$ per month, which is far better than handing over your website to a free web hosting platform and destroying your brand image.


If you have an online presence, you need to take the service of a web hosting platform. That’s the bottom line. Choose your service provider wisely because it can make or break your business.

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