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Swift and safe web hosting are inevitable for your site. Without it, a business would fall flat! Good and reputed web hosting would lead to superior performance, making your customers super-happy.

With affordable plans and blazing-fast loading speed, your business will take off crazily!

The sites that take eons to load are not worthy at all. You shouldn’t be losing your business due to a slow site.

NOT JUST WEBSITE maximizes the user experience like this:

Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an exceptional, cost-driven, and value-oriented strategy for small and large-scale businesses to manage their ad spending while showcasing the brand in front of the right audience.

The strategy is right on the money to increase your business’s visibility and expand conversion rates!

NOT JUST WEBSITE is your one-stop shop for affordable PPC Management campaigns, backed by an outstanding and hardworking team focused on growing your brand, bringing in long-term clients, and sealing the deal in style!

According to Web FX, 65% of the small and mid-sized ventures have a PPC campaign all set for their business. So, why should you be left behind?

Here’s what NOT JUST WEBSITE brings to the table with respect to PPC:



What if you’re selling something, but the customers can’t see it? Well, then you should pack up, I guess, or why not choose NOT JUST WEBSITE for gaining huge web traffic, increasing leads, and boosting sales?

Imagine, if your business is not appearing on the first pages of the search engines, then you’re definitely losing the whole plot here.

The expert team working at NOT JUST WEBSITE will do thorough keyword research, build quality links, and improve your business technically to turn your world upside down!

For SEO, NOT JUST WEBSITE will do everything. Want to see how? Have a look down below:

Web Development

An amazing website experience enhances your chances of landing a big deal. Customers focus a lot on the website’s visuals, navigation, and design. So, you don’t have a lot of time. You need to be above the mark, ALWAYS!

With NOT JUST WEBSITE behind your back, you don’t have to worry at all about website experience.

Our excellent and top-notch team would kick start the web development practice by analyzing your business, knowing your expectation, and designing everything that’s well-suited to your needs.

Still confused? Here’s a glimpse of what we are capable of doing:


APP Development

Applications in the modern, internet-oriented world have become a necessity for every business. You’ll only understand the value of an app when the time is over! So, make your move TODAY! Invest in a powerful and complete app to conquer the world of the internet.

NOT JUST WEBSITE offers full designing, integration, and consultation with the aim of creating a user-driven application.

Our team of brilliant app developers is eager to empower businesses, create a passage to connect customers with the owners and build a thorough identity that becomes unforgettable.

Dig deep to learn what we are offering at the moment: 

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the life of every marketing campaign. It helps in boosting sales, creates a brand’s presence, updates the brand’s image, and performs epic lead generation.  

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more social media channels can make or break your business!

NOT JUST WEBSITE looks forward to doing a deal with you! We’ll bring exceptional and convertible leads for you; we’ll humanize your brand, increase your brand’s value, and whatnot. Once you get going with us, you’ll realize that we’re worth it.

To start with, here’s how we can build your Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign:



Graphic Designing

Eye-catchy colors, picturesque designs, brand-oriented logos, and whatnot! Everything from designing a simple branding page to a well-structured label, graphic design is ALWAYS the core! Therefore, NOT JUST WEBSITE ensures the delivery of excellent and catchy designs for all your needs.

NOT JUST WEBSITE is a NOT JUST WEBSITE is a name of quality! Our hardworking designers can turn your dreams into a reality. Want to know how? Here’s a glimpse: a glimpse:

Video Marketing

Accept the power of video and add its magic to your digital marketing campaign! Find meaning with the help of amazing videos that deliver a captivating message to impress the audience. Video marketing increases your chances of landing a solid deal, engaging more and more consumers, boosts your reach massively!


Email Marketing

To convert and generate leads, email marketing is the best method, undoubtedly! So, you can’t overlook the method and entirely depend on modern chat applications. Email is a very important medium and still pretty much relevant for the masses.

So, we consider giving email marketing an upper hand in modern campaigns and strategies. NOT JUST WEBSITE will make sure that thousands of leads are coming your way through email marketing!

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