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Features You Should Consider While Selecting Web Host

After creating the website, you need to upload it on the internet so that it can b viewed by other people on the internet. For this purpose, you would require a web host. A web host is an online platform that enables you to upload your website on the internet. It is like renting space on a physical server. Your web host affects your website in multiple ways, such as speed, security, and scalability of a website depending upon the hosting provider; that’s why you need to select a web host carefully to avoid any problems in the future. 

Here we will discuss what feature you should look for while selecting a web host to optimize the performance of your website.


Nowadays, people expect to load a website in a few seconds. If your website takes time more time to load, then it would be a major turnoff for the visitor. Apart from this, website speed also affects SEO which means Google won’t rank slow websites. So, you should look for the following features in the host for quick page speed:

  • The host should have solid state drives (SSD), which are faster than primitive hard drives.
  • A website needs server resources to run, which means the more websites hosted on the server there will be competition for resources, so the host should limit the number of sites on the server.
  • The provider must have a content delivery network service that uses to user’s location to speed up web content delivery.


Bandwidth is one of the most important web hosting features. It refers to the data transfer capacity of the server at a specific time. It is a crucial feature if you want to load your website faster. Here loading means the time it takes to transfer website files.

To have higher bandwidth to should consider dedicated hosting or look for a provider that shares its resources with lesser websites. Although dedicated web hosting is expensive, that is why you need to watch your budget. Contrarily, virtual private servers and other shared hosting restrict the bandwidth, but they are cheaper. 

If you are a newbie looking for a reliable shared hosting service later, you can upgrade to dedicated as your business grows.

Disk Space

Disk space is another essential web hosting feature. At its core, a website consists of numerous files that make up the website’s visuals and files that determine what will happen when you click a particular button. 

To run a website effectively, those files on the server should be backed by physical data centers. Apart from the files which are needed for the website’s operations, you would also require space for user-submitted content. For instance, if you are asking for videos and images from your user, you would require extra disk space to support them.

While selecting a web host, you need to ensure that the server is providing you with enough space required for smooth website operation and whether that is enough for your future needs or not.

Ending Thoughts

If you are a business owner or operating an NGO, you require an online identity in the form of a website so that people can reach you or gain information about your work as web hosting provides the foundation or the website; that is why you should be extra cautious while selecting one.

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