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Promote Your Business through Instagram

You might have thought Instagram is a place where celebrities showoff off their lifestyles. But it is one of the most powerful to promote your business. It has almost 1.3 billion users worldwide. More interestingly, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and 58% of users said they are more interested in a brand after seeing it in a story.

Furthermore, it is the favorite social media platform for young people. Internet users from ages 16 to 24 prefer Instagram to other social media platforms. Even it is ranked above TikTok. If you have a target market of young people, it is the right platform for your business to thrive. Here you will show how you can use your Instagram to scale your business or brand.

How to Use Instagram for Business

It is easier than you think. Just follow the steps below and make Instagram your business tool.

Creating an Instagram Business Account

This is the first step in Instagram marketing. Creating a personal account on Instagram, it can be done from the mobile app and website as well. Then, convert the personal account into a business account.

Create Quality Content and Post Regularly

The quality of your content matters a lot, especially at a pace like Instagram, where everything looks so glittery. You can create an Instagram post yourself using platforms like Canva.com, or you can hire a graphic designer from an online marketplace.

Posting regularly is important to stay in the mind of your audience, as there are thousands of brands out there. Therefore, the chances are there to be forgotten. However, posting too can make you look spammy, so avoid that.

Although, you can upload as many stories as you want as they are going to vanish after 24 hours automatically. Use stories to update your audience about your business’s upcoming launchings, deals, and more.

Run an Ad Campaign

After building your business profile on Instagram, you can run paid ad campaigns. Even with a modest budget, you can run an advertising campaign and produce extraordinary results. It helps you to achieve goals like increasing post reach or selling more products, similar to Facebook ads.

Furthermore, you can adjust your campaign according to your budget at any time, which is quite feasible if you are a small business owner.

Also, you can launch and manage your Instagram ad campaign from the Facebook ads manager since Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook has consolidated the network’s advertising capabilities in one place, which is quite convenient and impactful from a business owner’s perspective.

Check Analytics with Instagram Insight

An Instagram business account provides you access to Instagram Analytics. It shows your account growth in different dimensions like account reach, engagements, and increase or decrease in following within a specific period.

Furthermore, it gives you data like follower demographics and even the best day and time to share content to maximize engagement. You can use insights and metrics about your account, including paid activity make an effective content strategy.

Concluding Thoughts

Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing platform. If it is used properly, it can push your sales through the roof in minimum time and cost. It’s never too late; make your business account now and promote your brand.

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