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How to Rank Up Your Website on Google Search?

Google search, rank higher on google

If you are a content creator or an owner of an online store, you would like to see your website at the top of a google search. Unfortunately, there is not any magic bullet that could rank you higher on google. There is only one way to achieve this ambitious goal which is persistence. But there are other technical factors involved in this process.

First, you need to understand how Google ranks the websites and what the mechanism behind Google’s ranking system is.  

How does Google Influence Ranking?

Primarily, results depend upon relevance, distance, and prominence. A combination of the mentioned factors is used to find out the best results for your search. For instance, it is decided by the algorithm that a business that is farther away from your current location is more relevant to what you have searched than a business that is closer to you; consequently, that would rank higher. Here the relevance factor prevails over the distance factors. Similarly, sometimes prominence prevails, and sometimes distance factor. You need to keep these factors in mind while working on your website ranking on Google search.

Important Factors

Numerous factors affect Google ranking, but here we will discuss the leading factor that will help you a lot in ranking higher on Google.

Supreme Quality Content

If you want to rank on the top, take a pen and write it down on your bedroom wall. That content is the king. You need to create top-class content to rank at the top, and there is not any shortcut for this. You need to provide valuable information, this will reduce bounce rate and increase time on page, and subsequently, your website will start to rank higher. Otherwise, Google’s panda and Fred algorithm updates are going to haunt you badly. Your priority should be your content. Then, you can focus on SEO.

User Search Intent 

By recognizing your user intent, you can drive organic traffic to your website. By aligning your SEO strategy with searcher intent, you can increase your traffic by 594%, according to CoSchedule. Now the question is how you will understand the user intent. For this, you need to take help from google analytics to analyze what users are looking for. Site Search and User Flow reports can give you an idea of what your audience is searching for. You can also check out the performance report to find out what people are clicking for SERPs to reach your website.

Keywords Utilization

Keyword usage affects the ranking to a significant extent. By using competitor research ad data mining, you can find keywords gem having average search volume but a pretty decent click-through rate for your audience. According to a Google study, mobile search queries (brands or stores) have skyrocketed by 60%, which further elaborates the need to apply keywords strategy for mobile consumers. With high-quality content, you need to apply keywords effectively to rank your website higher.  

Ending Thoughts

To rank higher on google is not an easy job. You need to be steadfast and develop an optimal strategy to rank higher, and remember that content is king and it will remain in the future.

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