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Salient Features of Google Ads

Google ads are one of the leading and trusted online advertisement platforms used by marketers and business owners. As technology is improving day by day, google advertisements features continue to evolve, and new features are being added every year to maximize ROI. Google is doing a remarkable job in keeping the process simple, but there are some in-depth features you should know about so that you can push your ads further. After publishing the ad, a few features can assist you in achieving a successful advertisement campaign.

Enhance Quality Scores

Quality scores decide your positioning and bid. If you are aiming to increase your bid score far

above your competitors, but you still lie in the mid-to-low range, which means you are still struggling to make a place in the ad block. Your quality score depends upon three areas:

Landing page experience: It refers to how closely your landing pages match the keywords that you used in the ad.

Ad Relevance: It means how nearly your ads match your keywords

Expected click-through rate: If predicted, based on your past user data, how likely are users going to click your ads?

You need to focus on these metrics to maximize your quality scores. Your first aim should be getting above-average ad-relevance and landing page experience that can give great quality scores, but the third one, the expected click-through rate, will take some time as it is related to account history.

Adjust Your Bid on Smaller Level

You can adjust your bid based on the days of the week, time of day, gender, location, income level, and more. You can also exclude a specific from the mentioned areas as well. This is one of the most powerful features of google ads when you are bidding on your past user data.

After a few months, you will be able to identify those groups that give you the highest ROI. By using that data, you would be able to input small bid adjustments in a way that the more a user hits that area, the more bid increases for that particular person, and there will be a significant likelihood of converting.

Use New Ad Copy Format

Over the course of last year, Google has introduced numerous different ad formats. In case you haven’t updated your ad copy, then you should now expand into these new options. In new ad copies, the text space is almost doubled. Further, dynamic ads have been introduced that can use any number of present options to make an ad for individual users. Furthermore, there is an option for call-only ads to promote ads for people who are using devices that can make phone calls is beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Google ads is a powerful advertising platform, but to use it effectively, you need to understand and learn to use features of Google ads so that you can enhance the penetration of your ads into your desired groups and spared the word about your brand and services.

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