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Best practices to achieve agile methodology in software development

With the growing need for different software products, it has become imperative for developers and development firms to adopt the best practices and increase both productivity and performance. From implementing testing and deployment strategies to integrating automation into DevOps, many new methodologies have already been amalgamated into a business’s basic operations. But one transformation that gave maximum leverage to the businesses is agile methodology.

What is agile methodology?

From the name itself, you can understand that an agile methodology thrives on smaller and consumable project deliveries over time. Instead of delivering the software at once, developers divide the requirements into multiple sections and work them progressively.

As the development of the first section is complete, codes are deployed in testing environments and then handed over to the testers. Therefore, in an agile system, development, testing, and code deployment occur simultaneously instead of waiting for a developer to work on the complete software.

Best practices for implementing agile methodology

Unless and until you work on implementing strategies of agile methodologies, there is no way you can get success in the same. Therefore, your first goal is to design plans to transform the current development process into an agile one. In this following section, we have explained some of the best agile practices you must incorporate into the project.

Scrum project management

One of the most successful agile methodologies is scrum management. It means different teams will come together and form a single unit. Every member needs to work closely and complete the project within three to four weeks.

During this time, cross-functional training is crucial because every participating member needs to contribute to the software development lifecycle in every possible aspect. Therefore, communication is crucial because people need to know the strength and weaknesses of each other for better work completion and more productivity.

Kanban project management

Kanban is one of the best agile methodologies where you need a virtual Kanban board and distinguish the same into multiple sections, like the development of Phase I, functional testing, code integration, and so on. Based on the project status and completion, you need to drag and drop the options. Although it sounds simple, Kanban is one of the hardest things to maintain.

Motivation-based project

The work pressure and the level of effort to be given in agile methodology are way more than in the waterfall model. Therefore, every team leader or project manager must motivate the participants and keep their enthusiasm high. Unless and until you are working on the employees’ motivational and inspirational threats, implementing an agile network is not easy.

Making an agile manifesto

The last thing on our list concerning the implementation of agile methodology is the creation of a manifesto. This needs to contain at least a couple of crucial principles that can define the manifesto in the best possible manner. Some of these principles are:

  1. Adoption and implementation of changes in the requirements during any phase of SDLC
  2. Maintaining a seamless communication
  3. Delivering the product quickly
  4. Allowing continuous integration and continuous delivery with DevOps
  5. Bridging the technical skill gap with some fresh faces


Since now you are aware of the topmost methods of agile SDLC, you can easily choose the best ones and incorporate the same without any doubt. Besides, agility can improve your productivity and deliverability, ensuring you can excel more than your competitors for SDLC.

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