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7 Automation Testing Trends To Follow During Software Development

The software testing business has seen a sea shift due to the new and improved tools, and trends brought about by technological advancement. Many companies, like development, testing, and delivery, have seen improvements due to this shift. Organizations are increasingly focused on digital transformation to achieve the top rank since it is thought this new adaptation has improved their quality. Speaking about system testing, their needs are evolving and growing more challenging to meet daily.

Testing of the Internet of Things

Even several studies show that IoT is set to take over the market shortly due to the development in technology and the arrival of 5G. It’s important to note that IoT is critical to 5G technology since it provides processing connection speed, which is essential to making 5G operate flawlessly.

Software testers are increasingly focusing on security as a primary priority while developing new concepts and approaches. Yes, you read it correctly, as we, all know that the internet is being misused, and security is the first thought that springs to mind.

There is a lot of activity in a few areas, such as healthcare and automotive. IoT testing, on the other hand, necessitates using cutting-edge technology, including testing tools like POSTMAN and Wireshark.

Automation Without Code

Because of the rapidly expanding IT sector, businesses are under pressure to produce as much as possible as quickly as possible. For software testers, this opens the door to codeless automated testing. These technologies, powered by artificial intelligence, make it easy to do rapid tests.

It saves time and frees up resources that may be used elsewhere. Its responsiveness is substantial, and more and more firms are embracing it since it has a lower learning curve, is easier to evaluate, and is quite successful.


You may have heard lots of blockchain in the last several years. The IT sector is buzzing about this. According to a recent poll, Blockchain solutions are expected to reach over $12 billion by 2022. Of course, all of this comes at a cost. It may be challenging for the industry to adapt to blockchain because of challenges like security, costing, and so on, but a standard blockchain testing technique may help.

Massive Amounts Of Information

As new technology becomes more widely available, firms increasingly deal with data in various formats. As a result, processing such a large volume of data demands careful attention and testing from beginning to finish. This testing aids in the development of marketing and commercial strategies. The surge in popularity of big data analytics may not surprise, given that we are going toward digitalization. Nowadays, whether it is the government or a private company, they all depend on big data analytics. Some services and products may benefit from extensive data testing in making data-driven choices.

Engineering For Performance

User experience is becoming more critical in the design and development of new technologies. Because of their actions, new products and services are being introduced to the market. At each stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), developers shift their focus to the needs of the end-user to provide a pleasant user experience. Performance engineering test objectives seem to have also affected the software monitoring performance. Engineers have turned to performance engineering to avoid the need for time-consuming and inaccurate performance testing.


The importance of cybersecurity in software testing is becoming recognized by both QA and testers. According to a recent poll, risk compliance helps raise industry knowledge and enable security before the SDLC. The most significant thing is that it allows us to identify and fix any security gaps before attackers exploit them. As a result, it is essential in today’s society and will only become more so in the years to come.


We, not just individuals but also prominent IT companies, are shifting to the cloud to preserve flexibility and cost-efficiency. Virtualization has had a significant impact on servers and the way they are utilized in the current era of digitalization. Even technologies like Docker, Terraform, and so on will be available shortly in 2022. IaC aims to improve the efficiency of the operational environment.


A new era in software testing is just getting started. The industry is expanding fast, and new technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence are expected to fuel this growth. In 2022, those are some of the most significant developments in software testing. As a tester, you must keep up with the latest QA and software testing trends!

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