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White Hat SEO

A Conclusive Guide

Anything that is a white hat in the world of the internet refers to legality, playing by rules, and doing anything while sticking to specific guidelines. As 67% of digital marketers believe SEO is the best content marketing strategy, it places it at the top.

There are two general approaches to SEO: White hat and black hat. Both have some goals, which are to rank high in SERPs, but they have different strategies and tactics to achieve the goal. Here we’ll dive into what is white hat SEO, how it’s different from a black hat, and why you should use it. Let’s get started.

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO refers to SEO methods that fall within the guidelines of search engines. Which essentially means implementing techniques that don’t undermine the algorithm of the search engines.

Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

Here are the key differences between white hat and black hat SEO:

  • White hat SEO aims to produce high-quality content that matches user intent. Contrarily, black hat techniques put out duplicated and highly-templated content.
  • In white hat, Seis O keyword research is used organically on the page, but in black hat, a specific keyword is overused.
  • White hat SEO includes using well-labeled pictures with considerate alt text, while in black hat, practices like stuffing and invisible text are preferred.
  • In white hat, content abides by all search engine guidelines and builds links via authentic strategies. On the other hand, the inks are bought in black hats.

Why Should You Adopt White Hat SEO

People tend to find shortcuts in every aspect of life simply because they are less time-consuming. Therefore, they become more attractive.

Similarly, in SEO, organically ranking your website in Google results using white hat methods is a time-consuming and effort-taking task. But it is reliable and worth the effort.

On the other hand, shortcuts and backdoors methods of black hat SEO might seem convenient, but they won’t bring you anywhere in the long run. Additionally, they will harm the reputation of your business.

If you want to stay in the race for long, always choose the right path despite the path being long and difficult; it’s worth it.

White Hat SEO Techniques 

Some common white hat SEO techniques you should implement in order to build your business and website’s reputation on solid ground.

Offer Productive Content

Although innumerable SEO techniques, content is still the king. The fact that about 86% of marketing teams use a blog post as a lead generator advocates this fact quite strongly. Always make relevant and high-quality content so that people can use the knowledge daily.

Place Keywords Strategically and Organically

Although content quality matters a lot, only content can’t be at the top of SERPs. You need to master the use of keywords. Use googles keyword planner in this process. It helps you to identify low-competition keywords with but high conversion rate, which is the key to falling into high ranks.

Optimize You Links

Building premium backlinks, optimizing your permalinks, and using keyword-rich anchor text is vital in pushing your rank. Use the Skyscraper technique for building backlinks. It involves finding like-worthy content and creating more informative and in-depth content about the same topic.

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