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Off-Page SEO

How Can Off-Page SEO Boost Your Online Presence 

When it comes to SEO, the work you do on your website is only half the effort. Off-page SEO also plays an important role in jacking your ranking, site traffic, and revenues. According to Moz, off-page SEO practices make up more than 50% of Google’s search engine ranking factors. Here you’ll learn how to use off-page SEO to rank high in SERPs. So, let’s dive in.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO includes practices made outside of your website in order to elevate your Google ranking and increase traffic on your website. Google doesn’t simply use your website to rank pages but uses your entire internet presence.

Off-page SEO is like a digital record of who’s talking about your business or brand on the internet. The more people talk about your brand, the higher your website will rank on search results. 

Top Off-Page SEO Practices

There are numerous off-page SEO tricks and strategies, but here are the most effective and useful ones:

Build Your Backlink Profile

Building backlinks is one of the key off-page SEO practices as they help the page-rank authority, which is a significant ranking factor for google. In simple words, backlinks tell google that the people on the internet like your content.

There are two ways to create quality backlinks:

  • Natural links: They occur organically when a publisher links you. That’s why they are known as earned links  
  • Build Links: While they are the results of your efforts, consequently are also regarded as unnatural links.

Start with analyzing your website’s link profile through platforms like Moz, Ahrefs, or Semrush. They will tell you how many links you currently have and what’s your domain authority (DA).

Also, while analyzing, evaluate internal your internal links to ensure that the on-page SEO is optimized as well.

It is advisable to analyze your competitors who create content to rank for the same keywords because these metrics won’t mean much unless you thoroughly examine your competitor’s backlink profile.      

Use Social Media

Bring traffic to your website through social media platforms since traffic from different channels is a positive indicator for google. Although, according to Google, likes and following on social media platforms don’t do not affect the ranking directly.

Social media is a powerful tool to attract traffic, improve engagement data, and penetrate deeper into the world of the internet. Moreover, influencer marketing can boost your off-page authority and get your content to more people.

Increase Brand Mentions 

Brand mentions are regarded as references to a company brand or online service. Brand mentions act as implied links; therefore, they can positively impact your ranking.

As links are search engine indicators for your online relationships, that’s why it makes perfect sense that the brand mentions providing information about relationships, thus affecting your authority and ranking.

Furthermore, social media brand mentions are an effective off-page SEO factor. To get them, you can run an attractive and targeted social media campaign across mostly used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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